Women Are Sharing All The Ways They Protect Themselves While Running Alone

Running can be a peaceful and reflective time to clear your head – but if you’re a woman these peaceful thoughts can easily be interrupted by hyper-vigilance for personal safety. Amanda Deibert, a writer for TV and comic books, proved just how frightening a simple run can be by tweeting out about the topic of running safety that was shared in her mom group.

Deibert then widened the question to Twitter, asking her followers for their own safety strategies, and it quickly went viral. Deibert used to be a runner, but now she mostly hikes and walks. The writer told BuzzFeed News, the response made her “sad,” with women sharing everything from photos with their large dogs to knives to pepper spray.

This writer’s twitter thread on the measures women runners take to protect themselves has gone viral and it’s eye-opening


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Image credits: amandadeibert

Image credits: amandadeibert

Deibert told Good Morning America the reactions were astonishing, “When I was reading the thread that all just kind of hit me, that is something we all do, all the time, without thinking about it,” she told the outlet. “It speaks to how universal it is, that every woman does have an answer to this question.”

Image credits: amandadeibert

The original tweet prompted thousands of alarming replies

Image credits: Hayjen9


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With women posting photos of special emergency gadgets

The SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren is a security safe sound rape whistle. It works by pulling on the hand strap to activate a screaming siren of 130 dB – as loud as a military jet aircraft take-off – giving the runner vital seconds to flee the scene and immediately attract attention.

Or their large and intimidating canine running companions

Image credits: RawrItsNichol


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Image credits: therealneyzilla

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Image credits: Bighodagxl

Image credits: royalhoeness

Image credits: gwgator

Image credits: bobbyblue5

Image credits: 3am_Fright

Image credits: ducgummybuns

Image credits: gracelinngo

Image credits: itslateatnight2

Image credits: deadwitbenefits


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Image credits: Elnyne1

Image credits: raselrae

Some women even had stories of how their equipment had save them already

The Pepper Spray Keychain for Women Blingsting Pepper Spray contains 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) formula for maximum stopping power. This pepper spray projects 10-feet / 3 meters to prevent wind blowback. Pepper Spray is classified as an inflammatory agent and can immediately incapacitate and temporarily blind a potential attacker. The 1/2 ounce canister has up to 15 powerful bursts and can be replaced after use or expiration.

Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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