This 5-Year-Old Afghan Boy Dances With Joy After Getting A New Prosthetic Leg And Its Heartwarming

Most of us are aware of the sad reality that has been going on in Afghanistan for a while now. Without going into further details, the saddest part of the ongoing war is hurting civilians and especially their children who have no control over their lives at this point in time and are faced with uncertainty every day. It is estimated that more than a million people in Afghanistan are suffering from some form of disability – many of them through injuries from the war. Recently, one video of an Afghan boy dancing went viral for a heartwarming yet – heart-wrenching – reason. If you want to make at least a small change in the lives of people in Afghanistan, you can look up the Danish Demining group who are focusing on landmine clearance and education and are also helping the kids affected by landmines to get proper medical care.

Recently, one video of an Afghan boy dancing with a prosthetic leg went viral


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Image credits: Roya Musawi

When the boy – Ahmad Rahman – was just eight months old, he and his sister, Salima, were injured in their village in Logar province when a fight broke out between Afghan government forces and the Taliban. During the fight, Ahmad was shot in the leg and consequently, it had to be amputated while Salima suffered bullet wounds to her kidney and legs. Unfortunately, this heartbreaking story is just one of the many there as the fighting in Logar province, south of Kabul, where the boy is living with his parents is frequent.

He was injured in the leg when a fight broke out in his hometown and it had to be amputated

Image credits: roya_musawi

Ahmad received his first artificial leg when he was one and soon learned how to dance. As the boy grew, he needed a new one almost every year and is now walking on his fourth prosthetic leg. A video that has been shared to Twitter shows the 5-year-old Ahmad dancing to music blasting on the phone in a Kabul hospital on Monday. The boy’s face lit up with pure joy and an ecstatic smile which made people all over the world reach for their tissues.

The video was filmed by a physiotherapist, Mulkara Rahimi, at the International Committee of the Red Cross orthopedic clinic in Kabul

For many, the video was a learning moment to start really appreciating our lives

Image credits: Kashifabbasiary


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