All I have done, no credit! Enraged Trump defends US-Mexico migrant deal

President tweets ire at New York Times and opponents as agreement to avoid tariffs comes under scrutiny The Trump administration was forced to defend its immigration agreement with Mexico on Sunday, bringing the highest number of monthly apprehensions made by US authorities in the past 13 years. In the deal announced with in the joint declaration during secretive negotiations over the past six months. On Sunday, the president fired off a series of enraged tweets as he headed for a second day of golf at his course in Sterling, Virginia. Lamenting what he called another false report in the Failing New York Times, he wrote: If President Obama made the deals that I have made, both at the Border and …

Trump attacks judge who blocked border wall plans as ‘Obama activist’

Judge Haywood Gilliam said officials could not use money secured under Trumps emergency declaration to build key sections of wall After a federal judge Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific