Photographer Spends 1000s of Hours Painstakingly Restoring Unrestorable Photos And Here Are His 16 Most Impressive Works

Mario’s aim with his amazing editing skills is to reduce the feeling of time – bringing history to us in a way that is immediately more recognizable and relatable. Even though some of these photos were taken over 100 years ago they feel like we are living them again – that connection with history is real and very special. #13 Vintage Photo Restoration #14 Andrew Johnson (December 29, 1808 – July 31, 1875). The 17th President Of The United States #15 Arthur Morgan Chase, Ca 1916 #16 Vintage Photo Restoration

This Is How 8 Different Locations Around The World Look Across The Four Seasons

Nature’s extraordinary ability to change shows it’s alive and always ready to surprise. Each season is painted with fascinating contrasts, vivid colors and magical atmospheres, and although there are four official seasons, none of them look the same in different corners of the world. If you don’t have to change wardrobe every quarter of the year, you can only recognize two – wet and dry – seasons or your surroundings look a bit monochromatic, this is a perfect opportunity to experience, explore and compare the four seasons across the world! #1 Bethesda Terrace (New York, USA) You may think of New York as back-to-back buildings and hustle, and that’s certainly part of the appeal for New Yorkers and visitors alike. …