I Show My Poor Relationship With Junk Food And My Own Body Image (10 pics)

DiscomfortFood is about my body, my self-image, and my mental health through the lens of junk food. Specifically, the junk food that I personally abuse. For me, that is pizza, pasta, potatoes, popcorn, Pepsi, pie. Carbs and sugar, ice cream, burgers, and salted fries! More info: Instagram | When I conceived the DiscomfortFood series, this image was one of the most important ones in the whole series. Sour Cream Glazed doughnuts are my 2nd favorite type. Two beef patties Honey crullers are my absolute most favorite. Double chocolate dip Shot before I conceived of the DiscomfortFood series, this image laid the groundwork for the ones that would follow. Salt So salty. DiscomfortFood The cowl is actually a kitchen curtain. Glitter

Photo Series About Standing Cats That I Made After Observing My Own Cats Movements (35 Pics)

I then decided to make this gallery of one-of-a-kind portraits of cats. The STANDING CATS series was born. 2 reply #2 Archi 2 reply #4 Imado 0 reply #6 Touma 1 reply #8 Aubade 7 reply #10 Blake #11 Brutus 4 reply #13 Judy 3 reply #15 Cacahuete 2 reply #17 Cali reply #18 Neptune 3 reply #20 Las Vegas #21 Betulla 1 reply #24 Notoriety 1 reply 0 reply 0 reply #28 Tango 1 reply #30 Coton 0 reply See Also on Bored Panda 0 reply #33 Origami 0 reply

This Is How 8 Different Locations Around The World Look Across The Four Seasons

Nature’s extraordinary ability to change shows it’s alive and always ready to surprise. Each season is painted with fascinating contrasts, vivid colors and magical atmospheres, and although there are four official seasons, none of them look the same in different corners of the world. If you don’t have to change wardrobe every quarter of the year, you can only recognize two – wet and dry – seasons or your surroundings look a bit monochromatic, this is a perfect opportunity to experience, explore and compare the four seasons across the world! #1 Bethesda Terrace (New York, USA) You may think of New York as back-to-back buildings and hustle, and that’s certainly part of the appeal for New Yorkers and visitors alike. …

Black Dogs And Cats Are Last On The List For Adoption, I Want To Change That By Taking Beautiful Portraits Of Them

I’ve done a bit of research on this and there seem to be four major reasons that black dogs and cats are last on the list for potential adoptees – firstly, they don’t photograph well (I think these images disprove that point) which is tragic if you want to take over Instagram with your new pet (repeatedly smacks forehead against wall), secondly, black dogs can look intimidating and aggressive, thirdly, black cats are superstitiously unlucky (or should that be stupid-stitiously) and lastly, they are a bit plain and boring to look at. What. Evs. here. My Googling did reveal an interesting tip for shelters looking to encourage people to adopt their ‘boring’ black dogs and cats – place them with …

We Photographed 19 People With Limb Differences Aged From 2 To 54 In Body Confidence Shoot

On April, 19 Zebedee Models from ages 2 to 54 took part in this stunning body confidence shoot with photographer Elise Dumontet. All the Zebedee models have either been born with a limb difference or had an amputation, the images are a celebration of their self-love and their body acceptance. Whether their difference is acquired (through cancer, meningitis, accident, diabetes, ex-veterans) or congenital, they really don’t want to fall on their feet anymore, they simply want to be able to stand tall, with and/or without prosthetics. We all know positive representation matters, be it in the arts, in fashion or in the media. And yet, these guys can probably count on their fingers how many times they’ve seen themselves being …