I Show My Poor Relationship With Junk Food And My Own Body Image (10 pics)

DiscomfortFood is about my body, my self-image, and my mental health through the lens of junk food. Specifically, the junk food that I personally abuse. For me, that is pizza, pasta, potatoes, popcorn, Pepsi, pie. Carbs and sugar, ice cream, burgers, and salted fries! More info: Instagram | When I conceived the DiscomfortFood series, this image was one of the most important ones in the whole series. Sour Cream Glazed doughnuts are my 2nd favorite type. Two beef patties Honey crullers are my absolute most favorite. Double chocolate dip Shot before I conceived of the DiscomfortFood series, this image laid the groundwork for the ones that would follow. Salt So salty. DiscomfortFood The cowl is actually a kitchen curtain. Glitter