Pregnant Woman Films Her Bulging Belly As Her Baby Begins To Kick, Only To Record Unique Moment

Billions of women have given birth, and yet, every birth is just as captivating as the one which came (a millisecond) before it. There is something that we, as humans, find irresistible about bulging bellies and newborn babies.

As humans, we are also addicted to capturing every moment of our lives on camera. An addiction which heightens during pregnancy, as you work to ensure every precious moment is documented. Although, when this mother turned the camera on to film her bump, she didn’t expect to capture this… Pregnancy, whilst natural and beautiful, is a bizarre process. As the stomach expands to accommodate the growing fetus, the body begins to experience some peculiar moments. From cravings to kicks, the process is full of surprises. For roughly nine months, the female body is at the liberty of the new life growing inside it, whether that means stretch marks or morning sickness – something not even royalty can avoid. But, whilst this can all feel quite overwhelming, there are many moments during pregnancy where you feel like the luckiest person alive. Which is just how this mother felt, when she looked down at her swelling stomach. However, that feeling of pride was quickly replaced with awe as she saw the skin below her ribs ripple. The baby was moving, but, this wasn’t like anything she’d seen in the parenting guidebooks… As her skin contorted, the expectant mother (of a baby alien?!) grabbed her phone and began recording. The footage makes for captivating viewing… The, clearly impatient, baby forces their tiny feet through the skin with severe force. Making the mothers belly look like a set piece from Ridley Scott’s latest Alien film. Despite the extreme force her baby is using, the mother continues to film the moment. Her legs calmly crossed, she is clearly not fazed by her expanding skin. Evidently, she is going to make a fantastic mother once her ‘monster’ baby is born. Meanwhile, the internet went into meltdown over the footage, which many likened to a sci-fi movie. Viewers were divided, those who had already experienced pregnancy were in awe of the “beautiful” clip, whilst those who hadn’t had the pleasure of having a baby inside of them, were horrorstruck. “People found that disturbing? ?? It’s one of the most beautiful sights ever!” wrote one user. Whilst another, rather hauntingly wrote: “The worst one is when a foot/arm/or elbow gets stuck under the ribs, it’s agony but also funny & amazing.” While the mother appears to be bearing the brunt of her fighting-fit baby now, many were quick to comment that when the little monster reaches teenage years, the mother will be a lot less calm. Could this aggressive kicking be a sign of the times to come? Temper tantrums could be a regular occurrence! Maybe Kim Kardashian had viewed this footage before she chose to have her third child via a surrogate. No doubt, we will be witnessing similar videos from the social media-obsessed Kylie Jenner, if and when, her pregnancy rumors are confirmed. Watch this space!

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