Person Explains Guys Often Fail To Notice Girls Signals Because Theyre All Different After Someone Asks For Obvious Hints

It’s the endless question that guys have been asking themselves since the dawn of time: “Is she into me?” Sure, she’s friendly. She laughs at your jokes. Sometimes, she’ll even reach across and touch your arm mid-conversation. But how do you really know? Where does the line between friends and romance lie? Having the necessary perception to figure out this classic, awkward teen-movie dilemma can mean the difference between a heartbreaking rejection, or possibly meeting the love of your life!


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Image credits: Calvin Chu (not the actual photo)

Naturally, the internet is awash with discussions about this timeless topic. Theories and guesswork abound as people propose ‘definite signs’ that she always gives; from copying your gestures and movements to her pupils dilating and constantly fixing her hair. The validity of some of these claims is questionable, to say the least, but hey, at least we are working on it. Right guys?

So when Reddit user Topvennie asked about the ‘flirting signals’ that most men probably don’t pick up, the discussion was lively and, we gotta say, pretty enlightening. Maybe it’s time we just started being a little more open with each other?

Image credits: Topvennie

This was the top answer

Traditional expectations still dominate in many areas of dating, and a quick google of ‘how to ask somebody out’ comes back with 95% of the advice directed at men. Guys are ‘supposed to’ do the chasing and make the first move, something that we clearly struggle with at times!

Things are changing, however. I think I’d speak for many of my fellow brothers when saying that getting asked out directly by a woman is a pretty awesome experience, and it’s becoming more common as women don’t feel the need to waste time with our hapless ditherings. If you like someone, particularly if he’s a guy that clearly doesn’t read between the lines too well, perhaps just forego the subtlety and be upfront about it. At least that way you’ll know for sure, and not miss out on a potential date because he was too blind to read your signals.


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Many people later agreed with it

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This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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