Mom Cant Hold Back Laughter Filming Dad Carry Their Stubborn Child Inside Like A Duffle Bag

Parents all have their own methods of child-rearing, including how to handle kids when they are feeling extra willful. In a video that has delighted the internet, 2-year-old Juliette decided that she had had it with walking for the day, luckily her dad knew just how he would handle her – like a duffle bag.

After refusing to get up from the driveway, the little girl was plucked up in one effortless motion and carried inside. “What’s even funnier is that she is more than 3-feet-tall and over 37 pounds heavy and the jacket didn’t break,” wrote her mom who filmed the video, “She often does stuff like this and this is just how we love her.”

Scroll down below to watch this adorable clip that’s sure to brighten your day.

Dad and 2-year-old Juliette had just arrived home from school

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When she decided she was too exhausted from the day and laid down on the driveway instead of going inside

Dad didn’t seem fazed by her stunt, and after finishing up with the car he went up to her

And picked her off the ground up like a duffle bag

You can watch the full video here

Other parents chimed in with their own similar stories

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