Makeup Artist Creates Jaw-Dropping Wonder Woman Costume Using Duct Tape And A Yoga Mat

Gal Gadot impressed millions of people in one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2017, Wonder Woman. Her portrayal of the iconic superhero was fearless, charming and funny, and she has subsequently become a role model to many across the globe.

Now, one of her fans has decided to pay tribute to her hero in the most epic way possible. Twenty-two-year-old Rhylee Passfield from Brisbane, Australia, adored Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the fictional female superhero. In fact, she has proven herself to be quite the impressive artist, and she’s created an epic Wonder Woman costume using very few materials. Who is this artistic genius you ask? Well, she is a freelance makeup artist and children’s entertainer who is a big fan of the new Wonder Woman movie. So, naturally, she decided to pay homage to her favorite superhero with her latest work of art. From a very young age, Rhylee has shown a deep passion for arts and crafts, but this time she has taken it one step further, and it all started with a $6 yoga mat and a roll of duct tape. Prepare to be amazed at the costume’s humble beginnings. “I have been painting and drawing since I was three years old, and I am always wanting to branch out into more areas with my artistic abilities,” Rhylee revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail Australia. The 22-year-old’s love of art has become more than just a hobby, it is her entire life. She dedicates a lot of her leisure time to it, and she gets a great sense of achievement when she creates something that she is proud of. “I spend literally all of my free time doing art, makeup and now costume making,” Rhylee explained. It seems almost unbelievable that one person could single-handedly create an elaborate and detailed costume like this Wonder Woman ensemble. And do you know what makes it even more impressive? Rhylee spent a mere $30 buying the materials to make the costume. It mostly consists of $6 yoga mat from Kmart, and, from there, Rhylee just needed to get a few other bits and pieces to put the look together. If you like the look of Rhylee’s costume, she’s explained exactly how she put it together. “Basically, I started by, taping myself then I cut out a pattern from the duct tape form, copied it onto a Kmart yoga mat and glued it together using contact adhesive,” she revealed. “I made it curved with a heat gun, and I used a fake nail to make the pattern on the breastplate. I then used thin craft foam to make the eagle and belt and attached it, spray painted it and then hand painted in the details,” the talented makeup artist continued. “I also used some scrap vinyl from a cheap shop for the skirt and glued it onto some boyleg underwear,” Rhylee added. “I then got some shoes from an op shop and painted them. All up the costume cost me about $30 and took about 50 hours as it was my first time making anything like it.” But Rhylee didn’t just make a Wonder Woman costume with a foam mat, she also made one entirely from makeup. Incredibly, after all the effort she put into making the yoga mat-based Wonder Woman costume, she still had the energy to make a makeup version of the ensemble, which she painted onto her forehead and torso. Although her art makes Rhylee appear larger than life, it wasn’t always that way. For a long time, art was the only way she could express herself.

“I was always the quiet kid in school that hung out at the art shed during lunch so I’ve never really fit in socially anywhere… doing all of these creative things makes me so so happy. I am extremely lucky that we now live in a social media world where I’m able to share all of my art with lots of people, I think it’s the best thing ever and it inspires me to keep learning, improving and bettering myself!”

If you want to see more examples of her stunning work, check out her Instagram page because there’s plenty more where these came from. And if you think Rhylee’s makeup, arts, and crafts skills are impressive, you NEED to check out this video too. This makeup artist from Serbia has created an incredible and mindblowing body illusion:

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