Hilarious Comic About A Cop Who Was 3 Months Away From Retirement And Got A New Partner

Probably everyone has that one friend or colleague who just always seems a bit… Weird. But Rodriguez is probably the only cop in his department who finds it ridiculous that a seal was assigned to him as a partner. Lance Dagner of Piledrivercomix has created an awesome comic series titled “SEAL’d Confession” and it strikes the perfect balance between crazy and funny.

“I guess I’ve been making comics in some form ever since I was a little kid,” Lance told Bored Panda. “I always liked drawing and making people laugh so it was just a way of combining them. I got serious about it in college (I’m 29 now). I was an art major, so I met a few people who were into comics and they’d let me borrow issues of Hellboy and The Goon. After that, I was pretty much hooked. Also, I always wanted to make movies or TV shows, and I see comics as a way of getting my ideas out there without being Michael Bay’s nephew.”

“[This series] came from watching movies like Turner and Hooch, Dunston Checks In, or even Disney movies. They find a way of humanizing the animals in these films. So I thought it would be funny to flip the genre by not only making the animal a 4-ton elephant seal, but also making him completely void of any human characteristics. He is an ANIMAL, he acts on instinct and impulse and it causes a lot of issues for his partner Rodriguez: the cliche ‘I’m too old for this sh*t’ cop. And to make matters worse he seems to be the only person who realizes how ridiculous the entire situation is.”

“I explore a lot of different themes in my comics,” Lance added. “But a trend I’ve noticed in my work is that I like to take really familiar setups and silly, almost cute characters and put them in impossible situations. Like I’ll take the cute animal sidekick genre like in ‘Any which way but loose’ and I’ll use it to explore themes of existentialism, guilt, abuse, and mental illness. I figure the formulaic premises help people connect with the story and characters before I take them in a new direction.”

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