Giant Cows Are So Out The Internet Is Loving The World’s Smallest Bovine Breeds

The Internet came to a screeching halt earlier this week when a giant Australian steer named “Knickers” stole the show after being so large, it couldn’t be sold.

But big cows are so three days ago. Today, the fickle Tweeters of the world have found a new mascot: “VERY SMALL COWS”.

Sure, Knickers clocked in at an impressive 1,400 kilograms (3,100 pounds) and measured 1.94 meters (6.4 feet) tall, but he was quickly outshined by “Dozer”, a Canadian goliath cow reaching a whopping height of 1.98 meters (6.5 feet). Now, we’re all oohing and aahing over the mini cow breeds thread started by one Twitter user who loved the big cows but wanted to spread the love to the smaller bovines of the world. I mean, can you not see why? 

First on the list, the rare Dexter cows of Ireland coming it at about one-third the size of a Holstein milking cow. They’re the smallest of the European cattle breeds and are a friendly cow used both for milk and beef. D’aw. 


Then there’s the totally whacky Miniature Zebu, which is also reportedly the “world’s oldest and smallest breed.” Measuring as high as a man’s waist, Southern India’s ancient cow dates back as far as 3000 BC. 


If those two didn’t get your baby voice going, then check out the Miniature Hereford. These adorable little Australian nuggets are used primarily as beef animals, reaching no more than 114 centimeters (45 inches) at the hip. 


Next up, we’ve got the dashingly dolled up Miniature Highland Cattle. These fluffy bovines come in a variety of colors, with the calves often compared to Teddy Bears or spitting images of Star Wars’ Ewoks. Heart melter. 


Okay, these animals just keep getting cuter and cuddlier. Meet the Miniature Belted Galloway cow, also known as the Panda Cow. I know, right? They’re found in Southwest Scotland and have survived there for the last 400 years, so, yeah, they don’t eat bamboo.


Panda, shmanda. Here’s to looking at you, Miniature Galloways! Also nicknamed the Sheep Cow, these fluffy little calves put even the cutest border collie puppies to shame. 


Heading over to the US, let’s take a peek at the Miniature Texas Longhorns. Like a lot of the breeds on this list, this cow is really just a down-sized version bred over generations to reach its miniature size. 


The picturesque Miniature Holstein Cows round up our list of adorable bovine breeds. Like their bigger cousins, these small-breed milk cows are primarily raised to produce milk. 


We couldn’t agree more. 


[H/T: Elle]

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