Artists Painting Gets Mistaken For A Van Gogh, So She Creates Brilliant Starry Night Series (Part II)

One thing is certain, if your painting is confused with one by Vincent Van Gogh, you really have a talent. Do you still remember New-York based artist Aja Trier, who mashes up pop culture elements with Van Gogh’s expressive style? Well, a year ago she proved to us that she is extremely talented, and now she is back!

Everything started when an educational blog mistakenly shared her painting of the Eiffel Tower and branded it as a painting by Van Gogh by mistake. It is worth mentioning that this painting of the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889 and the famous artist died in 1890. He spent the rest of his life in the south France, therefore, it’s not quite possible that he even saw the famous tower.

After this happened, Trier decided to have some fun with this situation and created a whole series of Van Gogh-style paintings that show the things that the famous Dutch painter never got to see before his death. This is how the ‘Van Gogh Never’ series was born.

Scroll down the page and discover the iconic starry sky from a different perspective!











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