7 Halloween Couples Costume Ideas That Won’t Make Everyone Hate You

Oh boy, here it comes. Get ready for the onslaught of scarves, Uggs, pumpkin spice lattes, oversized sweaters, and unnecessary diving-into-leaves posts. With all this autumnal celebrating comes the preparation for Halloween, also known as the night we dress as total sluts and no one can say anything, because was the voice of our generation. Since Halloween cuts a lil close to cuffing season, you may be in search of a couples costume. We find this despicable and totally extra, but if you HAVE to dress up with your significant other and let everyone tell you how adorbs you are, here are a few costumes that only mildly offend us.

If You’re Trying To Be Funny/Political

White trash couple: Always hilarious and now v timely, we love a white trash couples costume. Have your dude wear a wife beater, tuck a cig behind his ear, grab a beer can, and strap on some fugly work boots. Extra points if he has a camo hat. For the ladies, make sure your hair is either in the “may I speak to a manager” wig, up in rollers, or in a v shitty ponytail. Squeeze into too small denim shorts, strap on hooker shoes and a too-small graphic T-shirt. Bonus for those who go pregnant or pretending to be.

Trump and Hillary: Totes upsetting and still not that funny, but like kind of funny. This gives you a chance to break out that pantsuit and gives your dude a chance to use your self-tanner … a lot of it.

If You Love Inside Jokes And Minimal Effort

Bob Ross and a Happy Tree: All you need for this is a shitty afro wig and some leaves from the dollar section in Michael’s. This costume is hilar because not quite everyone will get it, instantly making you cooler.

Boobs: This doesn’t take much effort or talent! Fill your shirts with stuffing, draw on an areola, and stand close together all night.

If You Are A Gross Hipster

Candace and Toni from : If you really want your dude to dress as a chick, why not go ALL the way and dress as the feminist bookstore owners from ? I mean, you’ll be able to look down on people and win points for extra creativity—a hipster wet dream.

If You Barely Know Your Date And Want To Look Hot

A Bunny and a Magician: If you’re dying to still dress like a total slut but want to work it into a couples costume, grab your Playboy bunny ears, a bunch of cotton balls, and a white onesie so you can play rabbit to your date’s magician. All he’ll need is a suit and a shitty top hat.

Sexy Nurse/Pirate/Viking: Check the internet—there’s literally an overly sexualized costume for everything. Wanna dress up as cleavage-laden steampunk people? How about a slutty M&M? Shit, you can even dress in “traditional” Scottish garb, but more street walker and less historical accuracy. The world is your slutty oyster.


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