45 People Share The Funniest Pics They Have With Their Siblings, Prove Its A Blessing And A Curse To Have Them

Parents love family pictures, always longing for that one perfect shot to put in their photo albums that they could show off to their neighbors and colleagues. However, far from every picture turns out great. Sometimes — with some very entertaining results. What are supposed to be impressive family photos sometimes turn out to be some of the best moments of sibling rivalry, shenanigans and weirdness to be ever captured on camera.

Bored Panda brings you this list of hilarious sibling antics, immortalized during family photoshoots. I’ve got a few similar examples in my photo albums, and I’m sure that you do as well. So scroll down, vote for your favorite funny pictures, and be sure to share with your siblings and parents. Once you’re done, take a gander at Bored Panda’s post about two sisters who are polar opposites (see if you can spot at least five differences).



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This Is A Photo Of Me With My Sisters


So I Heard You Guys Like Awkward Family Photos And Pictures Of Pets. Well, Check This Out


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Siblings are supposed to love and support each other unconditionally. They’re also supposed to look and act properly, especially when their pictures are being taken. At least, that’s the theory. This theory can be seen to break down. A lot. And the chances of that happening are proportional to how badly you want a nice photo for your collection.


Here’s My Brother With His Hockey Trophy And Medal, And Then There’s Me. Proudly Showing Off My Onion Ring


My Mom And Her Sisters. They Were Told Not To Blink (1978)


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We know from practice that some siblings love to poke fun of each other more than anything else in the world. Sibling rivalry is an undeniable fact of growing up together, whether it’s born from jealousy or the need to compete. It can be healthy if it doesn’t turn into an endless series of screaming or boxing matches.


Much Heavier Than The Dolls She Practiced On


My Oldest Brother And I Have Such Similar Looking Faces That Even With Our Faces Swapped, We Still Look The Same

Unfortunately, not all fights between siblings are possible to avoid. That’s why, according to KidsHealth, it is important to know what to do. Often, it’s best to let your kids sort their own interpersonal problems out themselves because always stepping in can stifle their ability to act independently in the future.


For Christmas One Year My Mom Made My Brother And I Outfits From The Drapes That Came With Our Beautiful Couch


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I Never Truly Understood What It’s Like To Grow Up With Siblings Until I Found This Gem Of A Photo In My Wife’s Family Album

If an actual physical fight breaks out and there’s a chance of your kids really getting hurt, you should separate them, but avoid blaming any one of them. However, if your kids are simply goofing around and being, well, kids, it’s far better to snap a few pictures of their silliness instead of telling them off. So grab your camera and make some unforgettable memories.


This Is How My 2.5 Year Old Niece Insists On Holding Her New Baby Brother


Exactly 27 Years Ago, My Mom Took The Perfect Picture Of Me And My Sister. Some Things Never Change


I Want That Fish! Son Improvises Without Fishing Gear, Yanks Carp Outta Lake, Shocks Both Fish And Sister

“My son and daughter were canoeing at a park, and James saw the tail of this huge grass carp and determined he wanted it. With no fishing rod or gear, he just hopped out of the canoe and grabbed it up. He loved on it for a little, let the mammarazzi shoot some pics, and released the shocked fish. Then I sent him home with his dad, since he smelled like a giant fish.”


The Photographer Told Me To Show More Teeth


My Sisters And I Went Through A ‘Sound Of Music’ Phase When We Were Younger. Yes Those Are Our Underpants


This Is A Picture Of My Sister And I As A Princess And Knight Riding “Horses” Halloween ’93


I Really Didn’t Want To Hold Them


Halloween 1989. That’s Me On The Right. My Sister Is Behind Me And About To Have A Really Bad Day


Just Found This Cute Picture Of Me And My Psycho Brother In The Background


The Permullets

“Our grandma used to not only give my sister and me mullets in the 80s, she would then perm them. Matching permed mullets. Need I say more?”


My Brother And I Peaked In ‘97


Apparently This Was The Best Photo They Could Get For My First Christmas


Found This Picture Of My Sister And I. She Was Probably About Two Weeks Old In This Picture. Right About The Time I Realized That We Were Keeping Her And I Was No Longer An Only Child


Siblings Xmas Photo Circa 1980. I’m The One Grabbing My Crotch. This Is The Picture My Parents Chose To Display


Requiem For A Betta

“I was about seven years old when my favorite betta fish died. I was so devastated that I insisted on hosting a full blown funeral for it. We dressed in all black and even said nice words. My mom took this photo in our back yard before we buried it. My older sister is trying her hardest not to laugh while I stood there holding my dead fish on a paper plate!”


Don’t Look Back



“Who makes three siblings commemorate their headgear wearing days? My mom, that’s who! What teenagers agree to have a professional picture taken in said headgears?! My crazy family! Embracing the weird!”


Dad Got Mad When We Weren’t Cooperating For Our Family Christmas Photo

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My Brothers And I Back In The Sweet Sweet 90s


Found This Old Pic Of Me And My Sisters With Balloon Hats. I Think My Sister In The Middle Got The Best One


I Was At My Friends House, And I Asked If I Could Share This Picture Of Him And His Brother. He Reluctantly Agreed


This Is A Photo From The Final Tap Dance Duet My Brother And I Did Together. It Is My Deepest Hope That He Will Still Speak To Me After This Is Posted


This Was Our Family’s Christmas Card In 1991

The caption, so lovingly coined by my mother, was “from our happy home to yours!”


The Blunder Brothers, Circa 1994. I’m In Purple


By Far My Favorite Pic Of My Twin Brother And I


Just Shoot Me

“One of many shots from our worst portrait sitting ever! Shoots only got more stressful when your little brother is born!”


Legends Of The Fall

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My brother and I kept looking forward and only moved our eyes, assuming that was what he meant.


Spider Girl

“My sister (the legs in the picture) and I (the face) were taking dance pictures and the photographer wanted us to strike our favorite pose. My sister is 10 years older than me so needless to say, we came home with an entertaining conversation piece!”


Burning Down The House

“Backstory, ha! I wish I knew! The pic is me (in the towel?!?) and my baby brother .. circa 1989 and I have no idea why we are so calm and why my Mom or Dad felt the need to snap this photo!”


My And My Sister’s Embarrassing Childhood Photo. I’m The Unfortunate Soul On The Right


This Is A Photo Of My Siblings And I. Quinton Was A Biter


Just Me, Keeping An Eye On My Older Sister


The Mummy

“This is a photo of my younger sister, (mummified), my older brother, (proud as ever), and me (“I didn’t do it”). My favorite part of this picture is how, even though you can’t see my little sister’s face, you can tell she is smiling in a very “TA-DA!” way, and I can only imagine how proud she was to be our model. I don’t remember when this was taken, but I can look at the craftsmanship in the placement of the streamers, and the excellent color blocking techniques, and I know that’s my fabulous work – my brother must have been the project manager/supervisor. My siblings and I have talked about recreating this picture for our mom now that we are all in our 20’s, but it has been really hard to drum up this collection of oddly specific t-shirts.”


In Middle School, I Was The Only Girl On The Wrestling Team. My Brother Was On It As Well And To Save Money, We Decided To Take Our Picture Together. I Now Regret That Decision


Skinny Dippers

“Every year for swimming my brother and I take a family photo for the team pictures, but this year the crop job and my hair made it look like we were naked.”

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