22 Of The Best Comebacks To People Who Dont Believe In Climate Change

President Donald is one of the most famous Twitter climate change deniers – and despite being publicly shut down by science – him and his fellow deniers don’t seem to be going anywhere. Yes, even with the Midwestern U.S facing extreme temperature lows from a polar vortex, people out they still don’t seem convinced that this extreme weather has any scientific rhyme or reason.

The polar vortex is a band of strong winds, high up in the atmosphere that keeps bitterly cold air locked around the Arctic region. And people in the Midwest have been forced to stay indoors due to the freezing temperatures. Well, you can’t always change people’s minds on the internet, but that didn’t stop the following people from serving up these chilly clapbacks to climate change deniers. Scroll down below to read the best ones and don’t forget to upvote your favs!


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