20 Popular Board Games If They Had Honest Titles (By Smosh)

Some of our fondest childhood memories surround playing games with our friends and family, so the website Smosh wanted to help you take a trip down memory lane with an image list of your favorite games and toys – but they might be different than you remember.

Who doesn’t remember classics like “The Game Of Yelling And Bookkeeping” or “Homicide For Ages 8 And Up”? With their new title make-overs, you might not be able to look at these games the same ever again. Scroll down below to see all the classic games from your youth with their new, hilariously accurate, names. And don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

#1 Family Fight Night

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Original name: Monopoly

#2 How To Find Out That Everybody Went To A Better School Than You

Original name: Scrabble

#3 You Think This Game Will End In Sex But It Won’t

Original name: Twister

#4 In A Month You’ll Only Have Three Marbles

Original name: Hungry Hippos

#5 A Fun -Filled Afternoon Of Raising Kids And Buying Insurance

Original name: Life

#6 This Game Could Be Played With Two Sheets Of Paper And A Pen

Original name: Battleship

#7 It’s A Coil. Enjoy That

Original name: Slinky

#8 Straight Line Straight Line Straight Line Square

Original name: Etch a Sketch

#9 The Game Of Hiding Out In Australia Until The Very End

Original name: Risk

#10 This Will Never Work

Original name: Mouse Trap Game

#11 You’ll Say “Sorry” But What You’ll Really Mean Is “#%@$ You!”

Original name: Sorry!

#12 Homicide For Ages 8 And Up

Original name: Cluedo

#13 This Game Of Yelling And Bookkeeping

Original name: Yahtzee

#14 If It Comes In A Bag Then It’s Not The Real Thing

Original name: Mega Bloks

#15 It Has Robots! It Has Punching! If that’s not enough then frankly we don’t know what to say

Original name: Rock’em Sock’em Robots

#16 Barbie’s Severed Head For Would – Be Serial Killers

Original name: Barbie

#17 No Idea Actually, This Game Kinda Scares Us

Original name: Candy Land

#18 Hand – Cranked Frozen Margarita Machine

Original name: Te Original Snoopy. Sno-cone Machine

#19 Claim The Corners Or Lose

Original name: Othello

#20 Spaz!

Original name: Jenga!

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