10 Comics By French Artist That Raise Public Awareness About The Abandonment Of Pets

To most of us, summer brings joy, great moments, and of course, our long awaited holidays. However, this is not the case for most pets in France as for some of them, summer means stepping out of their comfort and beginning a rough street life. Each year during the summer, around 100,000 pets suddenly become unwanted and abandoned in France. Let’s admit that this number is pretty scary taking in consideration that it’s only for the summer alone!

Santa’s little wander, the Simpsons


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Image credits: Nicolas Amiard

In fact, they are abandoned because people are unable to find a kennel, a pet-sitter, or take them along, and so they choose to abandon their pets rather than miss out on their holidays. The sad truth is that not all these pets are handed over to a shelter by their owners and that’s how they end up dumped on the streets. Some of them are even euthanized.


Image credits: Nicolas Amiard


Image credits: Nicolas Amiard

All of this happens because we live in a consumer society and a pet is often considered as an impulse buy. People simply buy a pet for their children as a Christmas present and if they become a minor obstacle in planning their holidays, they don’t hesitate to abandon them. But they sometimes forget that a pet is not a toy but a living and loving creature!


Image credits: Nicolas Amiard


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Image credits: Nicolas Amiard

Numerous awareness-raising operations have been put in place to open our eyes to this terrible injustice, however, one project stands out of the crowd. The project is called “Summer Adventures” and it is an amateur work by artistic director Nicolas Amiard. The idea of this project is to reflect on this urgent situation and raise public awareness of abandonment.


Image credits: Nicolas Amiard

Mickey Mouse


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Image credits: Nicolas Amiard

The series depicts classic comics from our childhood: from Scooby-Doo to the Simpsons and Tintin, Asterix and Pokemon, they all show how the characters from our childhood would feel if they were left out and abandoned on summer holidays. After all, who else would touch our heart more than our childhood comics?

Boule & Bill

Image credits: Nicolas Amiard


Image credits: Nicolas Amiard

Lucky Luke

Image credits: Nicolas Amiard


Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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