What’s wrong with too many white men in one place?

(CNN)President Donald Trump helped the nation reach a rare moment of racial reconciliation, but hardly anyone noticed.

May 18: A man assaults a stranger for speaking Spanish: Hector Torres was talking to his mother on the phone at the Reno airport, when a man started yelling profanities and assaulted him.

May 19: New Orleans mayor delivers a remarkable speech on race. After his city removed a monument to a Confederate Civil War hero, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the Confederacy was on the “wrong side of history.”

May 20: A white Mississippi lawmaker calls for a lynching. State Rep. Karl Oliver made the comment on his Facebook page while denouncing the removal of Confederate monuments. He later apologized.

May 22: Video of a woman’s racist rant against a Latino shopper goes viral. The white woman in a Sprint store in Virginia calls the Latino shopper a “f#$$ sp#c.”

May 22: A Walmart shopper goes after two women of color. The white shopper in Arkansas told a Latino woman to “go back to Mexico” and called an African-American woman the N-word.

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