This hackathon wants to help destigmatize the sex tech industry

June 12, 2017

… will answer a question prompt from the app. Questions would come from an AI built into the app that would use news items on sex and sexuality to generate content. Made for children between ages 5 and 18, the game would also allow parents to choose which topics they want to discuss with their children. “This is a tech environment, obviously, and we are very critical about technology and how we often end up hiding behind avatars instead of having a more human one-to-one interaction,” …


Bingeing on these 5 podcasts helped me get through my breakup

June 11, 2017

… different Harry Potter book or film and discuss topics such as gender, class, race, and literary merit. It’s the stuff of a Potter fan’s dreams. This podcast is magical and wholesome. Listening to it took me back to a time when all I had to worry about in life was getting my hands on the next Harry Potter book. Sword and Scale Image: sword and scale Sword and Scaleis a true-crime podcast that penetrates the world of criminal activity. From murderers to mobsters, this podcast …