Grand Jury’s ‘Myth’ Report On A California Jail Snitch Scandal Draws Criticism

June 24, 2017

… 2009 internal OCSD memo sent to command staff requests permission from an assistant sheriff to place an informant next to an inmate charged with murder so the conversation can be recorded. The assistant sheriff granted permission the same day it was requested. Orange County Courts Another internal memo from 2007 details a large informant presence in the jails, saying there were in excess of 40 [informants] throughout the facility at the time. Before their report was published, grand …


Republicans Hold On To Mick Mulvaney’s Old House Seat In South Carolina

June 22, 2017

… Sachs. Before entering the private sector, he served as a tax attorney for the Department of Justice and staff director of the House Ways and Means Committee. Rather than shy away from his lucrative Hong Kong-based stint at Goldman Sachs, Parnell claimed that experience gave him the expertise needed to cut middle-class families taxes and close corporate tax loopholes. He even laughed about it on more than one occasion. I know enough about our crazy tax code to absolutely bore you to tears, …


The controversial Trumped-up production of Julius Caesar was interrupted by protestors, and Twitter went off

June 19, 2017

… Merlan (@annamerlan) June 17, 2017 Loomer was released from custody shortly after the arrest and set up a webpage to raise funds for her legal defense against the charges. The Public Theater, which is the organization behind NYC’s Shakespeare in the Park, tweeted out thanks to its staff and security team following the incident, calling Posobiec and Loomer “paid protestors.” Earlier this evening, a pair of paid protestors briefly disrupted our performance of JULIUS CAESAR, …


Catch whooping cough and earn 3,500 – BBC News

June 15, 2017

… toilets, showers and a recreational area. Meals, drinks, snacks and entertainment will also be provided, but they will have to wear a mask when they have any visitors or contact with staff to ensure they do not infect others. Volunteers will have nasal and throat swabs taken throughout the study and will be asked to supply nasal fluid samples by washing out their nostrils and leaving bits of filter paper up their nose for five minutes at a time. These procedures can be “a little …