Is it safe to live on a former landfill site? – BBC News

June 20, 2017

Prof Kate Spencer from Queen Mary University of London led the investigation and has now raised serious concerns about the impact not only on the environment – but on public health. Image caption Barry Falgate, site manager at Dunbar landfill In 1990, the Environmental Protection Act set out a regime for regulating and licensing the disposal of controlled waste. One site in Dunbar, on the east coast of Scotland, handles 5,000 tonnes of waste every week from Edinburgh, which is …


FAST AND FURIOUS 8 (OFFICIAL) TRAILER (2017) Release Date 12 April 2017

June 14, 2017

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‘She’s A Human Being’: Reality Winner’s Parents Assert Her Innocence

June 9, 2017

… Russian interference in the U.S. election while working for Pluribus International Corp, a National Security Agency subcontractor, on her work computer in Augusta. They say she printed it out and shared it with a news site, The Intercept. Prosecutor Jennifer Solari said Winner had also described in notebooks that she wanted to burn the White House down and live in Kurdistan or Nepal. Winners parents, who are staying for now in their daughters carefully decorated house, said they knew her to be …


Oldest Homo sapiens fossils discovered

June 8, 2017

(CNN)The oldest fossil remains of Homo sapiens, dating back to 300,000 years, have been found at a site in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco. This is 100,000 years older than previously discovered fossils of Homo sapiens that have been securely dated. The discovery was presented in a study in the journal Nature on Wednesday. But what the researchers found to be most remarkable about these fossils is that they capture a moment in time of evolution. The facial features of the skull look like a modern …