Trump’s words used as defense for white nationalist in viral video assault case

April 20, 2017

Who me?Image: Evan Vucci/AP/REX/Shutterstock A white nationalist caught shoving a black protestor at a Trump rally has a creative defense for why he should be let off the hook: Trump told him to do it. Matthew Heimbach, the chairman of the unabashedly white nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party, shoved Kashiya Nwanguma while she was protesting at a Trump campaign rally on March 1, 2016. She and two others then sued Heimbach and another rally-goer for assault. SEE ALSO: Once again, Trump …


20 cherry blossom items to indulge in if you’re ready for spring

April 18, 2017

… where they are planted with pink magicalness. Tokyo, Japan Image: Aflo/REX/Shutterstock You may not know where the closest cherry tree is, but have no fear. You can bring the blossoms to the comfort of your home with this handy list of 20 great cherry blossom things to get you in touch early to the spring that’s on its way. 1. Fairy lights Image: MariskaPatterns/etsy Twinkle, twinkle little blossom. Set the mood for spring and romance simultaneously with cherry blossom fairy …


Ted Lieu, Congressman and Twitter King, is beating Trump at his own dumb game

April 17, 2017

Image: J. Terrill/AP/REX/Shutterstock It’s depressing to admit, but let’s do it anyway: there are few politicians in the world more skilled at manipulating Twitter than President Trump. So over the past few months, 48-year-old Congressman Ted Lieu (D-California) has decided to try and master the platform, slowly emerging as the President’s most adept social media opponent. It might seem like an embarrassing game to play after all, world leaders don’t historically …


This is how a Russian social network spread the #SyriaHoax conspiracy

April 16, 2017

A video grabbed still image shows Syrian people receiving treatment after a chemical attack at a field hospital in Saraqib, Idlib province, northern Syria.Image: STRINGER/EPA/REX/Shutterstock A conspiracy theory about whether a chemical weapons attack was actually perpetrated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad started making the rounds shortly after that tragic incident shocked the world. Surprise, surprise, now we know Russian social media posts fueled that conspiracy, according to ABC. SEE …


Russia to blame for Syria deaths – Sir Michael Fallon – BBC News

April 9, 2017

… was “absurd”. US Secretary of State REX Tillerson will visit Moscow as planned after the G7 meeting in Italy this week. Related Topics Syria Russia Syrian civil war Michael Fallon More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsMulti-Six Figures Business (PRO Upgrade) Multi-Six Figures Business (PRO Upgrade)Pixal New AmazeTheme (Developer License) Membership and blogging WordPress theme.WP Tweet Machine …


Trump’s online fans are ditching him after missile strike in Syria

April 8, 2017

Trump's intervention has fiercely divided supporters.Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock Dont look now, but there seem to be some serious cracks appearing in Trumps most ardent support on the internet. On Reddit and 4chan Friday, all the talk has been of the presidents recent intervention in Syria, and some of his most die hard fans are not best pleased. SEE ALSO: The internet slams Steve King’s straight-up racist tweet The president ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airfield Thursday …


Snapchat destroys Instagram with an April Fools’ filter that looks like a post liked by your mom

April 2, 2017

Snapchat is the only funny app.Image: Steve Meddle/REX/Shutterstock Every April Fools’ Day joke this year is pretty bad. Snapchat’s, however, isn’t. It’s true. Snapchat has an actually hilarious prank in a year when it’s pretty much impossible to outdo the jokes of our daily lives. The app is offering a filter that lets you make any Snapchat look like an Instagram post. If that weren’t enough of a prank against the app that copies every feature Snapchat …


13 feminists with legendary Twitter game

March 26, 2017

Minna Salami, J.K. Rowling, and Emma Watson have mastered the Twitter game.Image: Carola Michaela photography / David Fisher / Broad image / REX / SHUTTERSTOCK / MASHABLE COMPOSITE While Twitter can be a platform for dialogue and community, it has gained a reputation for being a space where misogynistic trolls roam free tweeting their hatred at will. SEE ALSO: 11 times Emma Watson was the hero we all needed In a time where feminist discourse has never been greater or more important, Twitter …