Fruit and veg farmers facing migrant labour shortages – BBC News

June 23, 2017

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionFruit farmers are finding it hard to recruit pickers UK summer fruit and salad growers are having difficulty recruiting pickers, with more than half saying they don’t know if they will have enough migrant workers to harvest their crops. Many growers blame the weak pound which has reduced their workers’ earning power, as well as uncertainty over Brexit, according to a BBC survey. About 80,000 seasonal workers a year pick …


Celine Dion wore a good T-Shirt

June 18, 2017

Image: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images Oh what do you know, Celine Dion did something perfect. The icon, who has a storied history of wearing graphic sweatshirts, took the stage in Copenhagen Thursday night wearing a fun tee scribbled with messages like “love,” “the biggest prick,”and “your soul?” It’s torn in just the right places, like a shirt that’s dealt with a lot of pricks. SEE ALSO: Celine Dion dancing to Cher backstage is a freakin’ …


The best and worst countries to be a kid

June 16, 2017

(CNN)Children growing up in Niger are at the highest risk of having their childhood cut short, according to a report by Save the Children. Norway and Slovenia share the top position as the best places to grow up. (The top 10 best and worst places are listed below) See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. “Given what we know about the risks to children who are not even living in a household, I think that this is very true that these …


Shocker: Being a female comedian hasn’t gotten any easier since the ’70s

June 5, 2017

… just have never had more respect for people to do that. Do you find either that particular era of standup comedy romantic, or the whole profession of standup comedy romantic? Is there something about it that touches you in a certain way? Yeah. Theres so much that I find romantic about that time, that I really yearn for and feel sad about in our generation now, not only with standup. Theres just so many platforms now. Theres just places everywhere, a million social media things: Twitter, Tumblr, …


Election 2017: What do leaders do in their spare time? – BBC News

June 4, 2017

… accept one, it’s always a pleasure to have a shortbread.” One of his favourite places to eat is Gaby’s Deli in London’s West End. It’s been reported that he loves making jam with fruit grown on his allotment, and once belonged to an All Party Parliamentary Group for Cheese. But his second wife, Jane Chapman, has said Mr Corbyn never once took her out for dinner during their five years together, preferring instead to “grab a can of beans and eat it straight …


How ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ has become the meme of the resistance

May 29, 2017

… Facebook pages about how to stage protests. They’re even planning a coordinated demonstration where dozens of handmaids simultaneously show up at state capitols or in other public places in cities across the country. #fightbackTX #sb8 Shift. (@shift_stigma) May 23, 2017 If the visually striking meme takes off, it could become one of the most effective acts of protest from the resistance. The sight of even a dozen women wearing the handmaid costume, while …


Ipoh: A cultural and culinary guide to Malaysia’s rising tourism star

May 22, 2017

(CNN)Sometime after the tin slump of the 1980s, Ipoh earned a reputation for being a retirement destination, or just a pit stop on the way to Penang. “Before, there wasn’t one place where people gathered,” says Julie Song of Burps & Giggles, a cafe that’s contributed to the city’s new face. “Now, everyone who comes makes Old Town their first stop.” …


Who gets hurt by GOP’s ‘pro-life’ hypocrisy

May 20, 2017

… systems in developing countries are fragile and still being built, often in places that have seen recent conflict, and where there are low levels of public trust and long histories of trauma. Donald Trump’s evolving stance on abortion Join us on Twitter and Facebook Women around the world, from Texas to Tanzania, being cut off from modern family-planning tools. Children in some of the world’s poorest corners losing their vaccinations and malaria medicine. People …


How to bring humanity and tech together: Innovators and advocates on hope for the future

May 18, 2017

… connected with some of techs biggest names executives at places like Dropbox, Deloitte, Canon, Polycom, and more as well as a few of techs lesser-known stars. Their answers point toward hope in our work, commerce, and connections. Humanizing the tech we work with Workplace communication is often lamented as the very antithesis of humanity. Memo-driven hierarchies, reply-all email chains, and new cover sheets on your TPS reports are partly to blame. But the real disease lies deeper: namely, …