It’s Chris-mas in July. Allow us to explain.\n

July 3, 2017

Image: vicky leta/mashable This summer, more than ever, the internet and world at large is in the throes of peak Chris madness. For serious scientific reasons enumerated below, Mashable has dubbed today, July 1st, the year of our lord 2017 as…Chris-mas. What is Chris-mas? Christmas, but for Chrises! Christmas in July but Chris-mas, in July. On this day we celebrate our Chrises in all their glory and embarrassment, because we…


These ridiculous remixes of major brand logos are oddly entertaining

July 2, 2017

Image: Joe raedle/Getty Images A ridiculous new aesthetic of corporate mockery is taking hold online. A strain of dedicated Photoshop artists have inexplicably committed themselves to jumbling major brand logos into nonsense words and their work is oddly amusing. SEE ALSO: Tech dominates ranking of the world’s most valuable brands “Subway, Eat Fresh,” for instance, is remixed into “Sbubby, eef freef.” Burger King is “Bubker Kirg, Have It In a…


YouTube went offline worldwide, and internet had no chill

June 17, 2017

Image: Getty Images UPDATE: June 16, 2017, 10:16 a.m. EDT YouTube is back up, and life is ALL GOOD again. Carry on! The original story follows below. The world’s largest online video platform is not loading… and ahhhh… what the heck are we gonna do? YouTube went down on Friday morning and sent the internet into a tizzy. Instead of seeing the familiar YouTube home page, users were greeted with…


One in 10 in serious debt ‘have no bed’ – BBC News

June 14, 2017

A third of clients having gone without at least one essential item, such as a washing machine, causing inconvenience and extra cost by visiting laundrettes and other services A fifth of those asked had rented or bought at least one item on hire purchase A fifth had no internet access Some 91% of clients had used some form of credit to pay an essential bill or other debt. This money…


Bingeing on these 5 podcasts helped me get through my breakup

June 11, 2017

These five podcasts helped me get through my breakup.Image: Shutterstock /Rawpixel On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected to be my president. Two days later, my boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue and, to top it all off, the internet in my flat went out the same night. SEE ALSO: 9 true-crime podcasts you should download immediately Having recently moved from Los Angeles to London for…


Learn the art of cyber warfare at this secretive hacker class

June 10, 2017

Forget algebra. Forget textbooks. This is education for the digital era. The students of Practical Hacking are learning the tools and techniques that hackers use to infiltrate websites and networks. What they do with that knowledge is up to them. Identities have been concealed per request. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended Products1A Video Matrix Simply the very best Automated Live Stream Video Social Media Posting Software And Marketers…


Love the internet? Listen to these podcasts right now

May 29, 2017

Image: Getty Images Not everything that’s created on the internet stays on the internet sometimes things just might make it on a podcast. If you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough of the memes, videos, art, and all things internet, here are the podcasts you need to start tuning into today. SEE ALSO: ‘Nancy’ isn’t a person, it’s a podcast. Oh, and it’s super, super gay. 1. Reply…


Pete Souza’s most legendary Donald Trump trolls

May 28, 2017

In an internet world where trolls lurk around every corner, one has loomed above the rest: Pete Souza, Barack Obama’s former staff photographer. An unlikely troll for unlikely times. Souza has stood out for the blunt savagery of his Instagram posts, but more than that, for the sheer amount of them. It’s seemed that for every Donald Trump action, there is an equal, opposite, and wistfully melancholy reminder of how…


People Think Theyve Found Topless Pics Of The South Korean Bodyguard

May 20, 2017

As if Chois smoldering stare wasnt swoon-worthy enough, the man in the new photos (if it is indeed Choi) looks even more charming with a smile and a six pack. Choi hasnt confirmed the authenticity of the modeling pictures, but the internet is convinced its him. Choi, a happily married father of two,revealed in an interview with The Korea Times that he wasprotecting the president as a volunteer when the…


Twitter has things to say about that ‘new’ eyebrow wig trend but there’s more to the story

May 19, 2017

Move aside microblading, bloggers are hailing stick-on eyebrow wigs as the next biggest beauty trend. But, this new trend may well be a step too far for the internet. People have been taking to Twitter believe that bloggers are appropriating the wigs, which have long been used by people experiencing hair loss due to alopecia and chemotherapy. SEE ALSO: Feather eyebrows are a trend now and it’s tearing everyone apart…


Guy has a hilarious reaction to a strong sedative

May 15, 2017

Reactions to pain medication have a special place on the internet. Eight years and 135 million views later, David After the Dentist is a YouTube classic. Recently, the BBC was doing a profile on Scotland’s super hospital when they filmed a man being sedated with a powerful drug called ketamine. Some people love to use the term k-hole to describe a disassociated state, but here’s what one actually looks like….


How to Connect with your audience with live videos using LiveCaster app setup video

May 15, 2017

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