Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t regret voting for Trump despite LGBT ‘mistakes’

April 26, 2017

(CNN)Caitlyn Jenner may not like everything US President Donald Trump’s administration has done so far — especially when it comes to actions affecting transgender Americans like her. But she does not regret her decision to vote for Donald Trump, she told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday. “As far as LGBT issues, yes, he’s made some mistakes,” she said. “I don’t support him in everything that he does. But we needed to shake the system up.” …


These 3 People Show Why Anti-Trump Tide Runs Against The GOP In Georgia’s Special Election

April 18, 2017

… $100 check to Democrat Hillary Clinton. During the election, I was called by Isaksons office and invited to attend a fundraiser, Rosenberg said. I told them that I would not vote for Isakson this go round because he has endorsed Trump. Rosenberg has known Isakson for years, and rejecting him wasnt an easy decision. But Isakson and Tom Price were just fine without her. Price went on to win re-election in November by some 24 points. But the man who was the reason Rosenberg had switched sides, …


Arkansas inmate has last meal as courts decide fate

April 18, 2017

… Gov. Asa Hutchinson issued a statement Monday evening that said, in part, “We have asked the US Supreme Court and hope to get a decision later tonight.” The attorney for Davis and Ward requested stays of execution until the US Supreme Court rules on an upcoming case concerning inmate access to independent mental health experts. The justices are set to hold oral arguments on April 24. …


Uber drivers just won a major victory in Brazil

April 15, 2017

A taxi drivers' protest against Uber in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Image: joe raedle/Getty Images Uber drivers just won a major victory but only in Brazil. A judge in Sao Paulo ruled that a driver in the city had to be considered an employee of the ride-hailing giant. Uber plans to appeal the decision. “By connecting drivers and users, Uber creates thousands of flexible opportunities for generating income,” Uber said in a statement. Uber drivers are considered independent …


Will Scott Pruitt Use Smoke-And-Mirrors To Deal With Smog?

April 14, 2017

Except now that Pruitt is in office, it turns out his meaning might have been far more Orwellian, and dangerous, than anyone imagined. Meanwhile, a new court decision allowing Pruitt an opportunity to argue his case has added fresh urgency to the ozone matter. The ground-level ozone Pruitt was talking about is better known as smog and causes serious health problems. In response to growing scientific evidence of harm, the EPA tightened its health standards for smog. The change, announced in …


Russia to blame for Syria deaths – Sir Michael Fallon – BBC News

April 9, 2017

… Assad must depart and the search for stability begin. “Someone who uses barrel bombs and chemicals to kill his own people simply cannot be the future leader of Syria,” he stated. ‘Absurd’ decision Mr Johnson, who called off a trip to Moscow on Monday, is attempting to co-ordinate a united response from the G7 group of industrialised nations, whose foreign ministers meet in Italy this week. The Russian foreign ministry said Mr Johnson’s decision not to visit Russia …


Nebraska ban on LGBT foster parents to end, court rules

April 8, 2017

(CNN)The Nebraska Supreme Court upheld a decision to strike down a ban on same-sex couples becoming foster parents. The court compared the ban on its decision to “a sign reading ‘Whites Only’ on the hiring-office door.” Since 1995, same-sex couples had been barred from becoming licensed foster-care providers in Nebraska. …


Here Are All The Advertisers Fleeing Bill O’Reilly’s Show

April 7, 2017

… automakers to pull advertising from the show. first reported the companys decision, on Monday. Hyundai announced its decision to pull advertising shortly after Mercedes-Benz did on Monday night. Lexus BMW Mitsubishi Motors We will continue to monitor this situation as we assess our long-term strategy, a spokesperson said. In response to complaints on Twitter, Subaru said Wednesday that it had decided to pull ads from the show. Coldwell Banker Credit Karma spokesman Rick Chen …


New Jersey teen gets accepted by all 8 Ivy League schools

April 5, 2017

(CNN)Talk about an embarrassment of riches. A New Jersey teenager has to make a decision soon most high school seniors can only dream of — deciding on which Ivy League school to attend in the fall. The problem, if you want to call it that, is that she was accepted into all of them. All eight of them. Ifeoma White-Thorpe said she was shaking when she got the eighth acceptance letter. …


UK should follow minimum alcohol price, say Lords – BBC News

April 4, 2017

… formality’, and ‘indifferent’, with some ‘scandalous misuses of the powers of elected local councillors’.” Derbyshire Police told peers that the system had become “too political”, with councils “frightened of making a tough decision” in case of appeals by big drinks companies. Related Topics Alcohol Law More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsCarvly Ad management Create visuals and videos, Share to Drive Traffic, …


Officer: Black man’s fatal shooting had nothing to do with race

April 3, 2017

(CNN)A white Tulsa, Oklahoma officer charged in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist last year said race was not a factor in her decision to open fire. She said the man “caused” his death when he ignored her commands, reaching into his vehicle to retrieve what she believed was a gun. “I saw a threat and I used the force I felt necessary to stop a threat,” Officer Betty Shelby said Sunday during an interview on 60 Minutes. Shelby is scheduled to stand trial …


Brexit vote: Single market benefit ‘largely imaginary’ – BBC News

March 23, 2017

… government appears to have decided to leave the single market on the basis that we should return full control of UK laws to the UK, but trade data also offers strong support for the decision and provides comfort for those worried about relying on WTO rules if no deal emerges,” it added. Mr Burrage said that UK exports have grown faster to 111 countries with which it trades under WTO rules than to the 14 other early members of the single market. Other economists disagree. Jonathan Portes, …


U.N. Expert: Biodiversity Is Essential To Human Rights

March 18, 2017

… not taken a formal position on the matter. The Human Rights Council is considering whether to adopt a resolution recognizing the relationship of biodiversity and human rights. Knox said a decision is expected by the end of the month. THOMAS SAMSON via Getty Images In many ways, the rate of species extinction which humankind has sped uproughly 1,000 times, according to a 2005 assessment is as much of a crisis as climate change, Knox says. Yet it gets far less attention. As he notes in the …


Four-hour accident and emergency waits rise 300% at some hospitals – BBC News

March 16, 2017

Live coverage from A&E unit 1,271 Waits of 12 hours or more between a decision to admit and admission taking place in 2015/2016 ‘We have lost all faith in A&E’ Neil Carvey, of Leatherhead in Surrey, was advised to go to accident and emergency by a GP after he awoke shivering and in pain following an operation on his spine last December. His partner Ivanel Petrenkov told how they ended up waiting 16 hours at Epsom Hospital on Christmas Day despite there …