‘Trumpcare’ would send her to Mexico for birth control

June 26, 2017

(CNN)All Ariana and Kevin Gonzalez want is birth control. But the California couple says that if the Republican alternative to Obamacare becomes law, they’ll be driving over the border to Mexico to get it. See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. California community health centers would be put under “untenable stress” if Planned Parenthood centers were defunded, according to a group representing the centers. …


How do you get over your home burning down? – BBC News

June 22, 2017

Image caption Maria De Vita’s neighbour died in the fire When Maria De Vita heard glass smashing at her home in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, she thought it was someone outside doing a spot of late-night recycling. She later discovered it was one of next door’s windows exploding in a fire in which her neighbour died. Ms De Vita woke her two young daughters and they left the house with nothing. The girls even had to go to school the next day dressed only in their …


Everything we know so far about Beyonc and Jay Z’s twins

June 19, 2017

Bey & Jay 1.0Image: francis specker/CBS via Getty Images After Beyonc and Jay Z did such a great job of being themselves, they kindly welcomed miniature versions into the world. The superstar couple’s twins are reportedly a boy and a girl. What a perfect Father’s Day gift for Jay Z, who is the only dad in the entire world today. SEE ALSO: Jay Z calls out bail bond industry in Father’s Day column According to TMZ, the twins were born a few days ago but remain in the …


Tech now rules the world’s most valuable brands ranking

June 14, 2017

… valuable companies, their brands have joined the higher reaches as well. The rise of the iPhone propelled Apple to the top in the late aughts, and Amazon and Facebook surged to the front of the pack in just the past couple years. Netflix, Snapchat, and YouTube all made the top 100 for the first time this year, though none cleared the list’s upper half. In fact, the only three brands that feature in the top ten in both 2006 and 2017 are tech companies: Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Watch …


This chatbot took over Tinder to engage with young UK voters

June 10, 2017

… silent while the conversations were going on, however. The bot allowed people to join in the chat if they felt compelled to. Rodrigues Fowler estimates that between 10 and 20 thousand messages were sent to people in marginal constituencies, the responses to which were largely positive. “A couple of people got dates out of it,” says Fowler. “One person also contacted us to say their mental and physical health had prevented them from going out and canvassing and this was a really …


Shocker: Being a female comedian hasn’t gotten any easier since the ’70s

June 5, 2017

… encouraging for me as well. Oh, a couple of my jokes made it into the pilot. Its like a little bit of that nudge you need sometimes to believe in yourself and say, Okay, I can say something sort of funny every now and then. Did you at any point get up on a standup stage? Thats a whole different kind of stage than the theatrical. Yeah, yeah. First of all, whats funny is that, whether its fake or not, I tell you, getting up and doing standup, any kind, in front of 100 extras, with cameras hidden …


Election blind dates: Georgia Toffolo and Jack Monroe – BBC News

May 31, 2017

… impression: I have seen Made in Chelsea, but not for a couple of years. I thought she was fun, she was very, very nice. I was surprised at how young she was because she seemed quite firm in her beliefs, she seemed very politically aware. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionJack Monroe: ‘Every system is open to abuse’ What did you agree on?: Her most convincing argument, the one I agreed with, was about national security. She was quite strong about armed …


How a Silicon Valley veteran created an app that 400 nonprofits use to help refugees

May 30, 2017

Image: Mashable Composite; RefAid / Trellyz Shelley Taylor calls herself a Silicon Valley veteran. Veteran, she tells me, “means old.” Raised in Palo Alto, Taylor has an extensive tech background. She isn’t an engineer, but she wrote the “bible of user interface” back in 1995 at the dawn of website creation, inventing a lot of the language still used to this day to describe websites and ecommerce. She’s launched a bevy of startups and advised companies like …


So cute funny bird YouTube 2017 subscribe my channel shezadi jaan

May 29, 2017

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You could get your next glasses prescription without a visit to the eye doctor

May 27, 2017

… your nearsightedness, I found the test awkward. The test requires you to cover one eye and, using the other hand that’s keeping the phone raised at chest level exactly 12 feet away from the computer, swipe in different directions on your screen that correspond to rows of “c” symbols. Image: warby parker I also had to redo a couple of tests because, at one point, my computer’s display dimmed. Technical issues aside, what’s more difficult to get used to is …


After Saving A Fox From A Fur Farm, We Decided To Get Him A Friend So He Wouldnt Feel Lonely

May 25, 2017

Everyone knows Juniper – a very nice fox and her dog friend. I love her as well. But let me introduce another wonderful couple – Jay and Saimon! Those are our pets, Jay the fox and Saimon I’ve been working from home that’s why I was always nearby I always find this nice muzzle like this in the morning New Year 2017 Playful… But she always tries to steal something. Eggs… And, of course, this sweet croissant This year, …


Ipoh: A cultural and culinary guide to Malaysia’s rising tourism star

May 22, 2017

(CNN)Sometime after the tin slump of the 1980s, Ipoh earned a reputation for being a retirement destination, or just a pit stop on the way to Penang. “Before, there wasn’t one place where people gathered,” says Julie Song of Burps & Giggles, a cafe that’s contributed to the city’s new face. “Now, everyone who comes makes Old Town their first stop.” …


A couple who met on ‘First Dates’ had a baby and she’s absolutely adorable

May 18, 2017

A couple who met on British reality dating show have not only fallen in love, they’ve had a baby together. And she is absolutely adorable. Ibiba Midada and Aarron Stewart stole everyone’s hearts when they hit it off on First Dates, announcing at the end of the episode that they were expecting a child together seven weeks after meeting. The couple introduced three-week-old baby Aziza on ITV’s This Morning show, and talked about their surprise pregnancy. Presenter Phillip …