Frozen hash brown recall due to possible ‘extraneous golf ball materials’

April 23, 2017

(CNN)You have an early-morning golf match. You make coffee and contemplate the optimal breakfast to help you hit the ball straighter and calm those first-tee jitters. For now, skip frozen hash Browns sold in nine states under the Harris Teeter and Roundy’s brands. The potatoes may contain pieces of golf balls, according to the hash Brown maker. McCain Foods USA’s recall notice on the US Food & Drug Administration site says the hash Browns could be “contaminated with …


This Little Detail Could Cause A Government Shutdown

April 19, 2017

… Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) joined by United Mine Workers representatives and Sens. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), called for a one-year extension of soon-to-expire health benefits for coal miners in December. As Congress considers a continuing resolution to keep the government running, we fully expect that such a vehicle will include the permanent health care fix for our nations retired miners as promised at the end of 2016, the bipartisan duo wrote to McConnell, Senate Minority …


Celebrate Easter with this Goldendoodle wearing a basket on its head

April 17, 2017

You totally got this, Murphy.Image: thatgoldendoodle Hey, Easter Bunny: you’ve been put on notice. Murphy the Goldendoodle is gunning for your gig as floppy-eared distributor of colorful eggs and springtime cheer. The Brown-haired Goldendoodle part golden retriever, part poodle recently transformed a plastic cone collar into an Easter basket, replete with rainbow-colored filler and plastic eggs (that were hopefully not filled with chocolate candy). Murphy donned the cone collar on …


United Airlines, David Dao, And The Way We Blame

April 12, 2017

… Michael Brown comes particularly to mind, with his actions on the day examined in microscopic detail while his past led to the infamous no angel article in the New York Times); it is probably not a coincidence that we find it now in a case where the man subjected to unwarranted violence by law enforcement, in this case to preserve the convenience of United Airlines, belongs to an ethnic minority. These are not majority positions, but if this tendency in public discourse is narrow, the Dao …


His name was Henry Summers – but who was he? – BBC News

April 9, 2017

Image caption Henry lived in a top-floor flat in Leith They went to the door of his top-floor flat on Easter Road and knocked but got no answer. Image caption Police beat down the door to gain entry to Henry’s flat A few years before that a woman had been found dead in Edinburgh, undiscovered for five years. The media were full of recrimination and finger pointing. I used to work with old people and had seen this before. It’s easy to de-personalise older people. We …


Syria’s Assad Is Still Attracting Support From Some Leftists And ‘Alt-Right’ Nationalists

April 8, 2017

… anti-Assad rebels were. And after his strike, some conservative commentators have accused Trump of providing American support to radical groups. In their rush to demonize the opposition, some on the left and right have veered into conspiracy theories. Some writers argue that the internationally renowned volunteer medical organization known as the White Helmets is a terror front. Gabbard Stephen Kinzer, a fellow at Brown University who the American media is engaged in a government-led …


This hard-hitting poetry act exposes the ills of a misogynistic society

April 4, 2017

Brown Girls Guide to Gender, a hard-hitting spoken-word performance by Mumbai girl, Aranya Johar, will strike a chord with every Indian woman. Or perhaps with all women in conservative societies. SEE ALSO: This video about a transgender mother tugs at your heartstrings The 18-year-old’s uninhibited act (with some NSFW language) exposes the hypocrisy of patriarchal societies where women are slut-shamed and cat-called, where marital rape isn’t illegal, and a bleeding woman is …


Officer: Black man’s fatal shooting had nothing to do with race

April 3, 2017

… College student and the father of four girls. His sister told Whitaker he was “laid back, calm, cool.” “Gospel music was his love,” she said. “I saw Trayvon Martin. I saw Mike Brown. I saw Philando Castile. I saw Tamir Rice,” Tiffany Crutcher said. “But never in a thousand years … would we have thought that we would be on their side of it. And my brother now, according to social media, is another hash tag.” More From this publisher : HERE …


How not to help mums breastfeed: Give them an aggravating unhelpful chatbot

March 28, 2017

… authoritative views and says she wishes it had existed when she started breastfeeding. “Its also useful as a quick reference tool where info is finely filtered according to questions, so ultimately I found it more accurate than other ways of finding info,” she continued. Image: START4LIFE / RACHEL THOMPSON/ MASHABLE Kay Brown who runs a baby and toddler group for mums in the digital sector says she’s on the fence as to whether the chatbot is a good idea. “One of the …