Not Everyone Is High On This Police Department’s 4/20 Tweet

Humor is a subjective thing, especially if the subject is something that could get you arrested like marijuana.

The weed is illegal in Minnesota, which is why some people arent high on this 4/20 tweet from the police department in the town of Wyoming.

Yes, the tweet was meant to be funny, and many people took it that way. It has been retweeted more than 126,000 times, and liked more than 228,000 times.

Not everyone, however, saw the humor, considering that many people in Minnesota still get arrested for marijuana possession every day, even thoughmedical marijuana is legal in 29 states,recreational use of pot is allowed in eight states and the District of Columbia, and 61 percent of Americans support legalization.

Others mocked the cops for engaging in stoner stereotypes.

Police spokesman Paul Hoppe told HuffPost the tweet wasnt meant to entrap people, but to bring awareness to substance abuse, which extends beyond marijuana and includes everything from alcohol, opioid, prescription narcotic abuse, meth, and heroin.

A few hours after the first tweet, the police department posted this follow-up.

Outrageous tweets are nothing new for the Wyoming Police Department.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the department sent out a tweet threatening to show Justin Biebers T-Mobile ad to people suspected of drunk driving.

Wyoming police also sent out a 4/20 tweet last year.

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