Bella Hadid is the new face of Postmates #sponcon on Instagram

Bella Hadid loves ordering Postmates, and she definitely knows what it is.

The model is the new face of Postmates #sponcon on Instagram, and her post advertising the food delivery service is, uh, a little confusing. Or confused, as it were.

“Postmates is the best! I love ordering food on my way home from work or just for a little snack,” wrote Hadid.

Apparently “ordering food” means carrying it down the street, while “on my way home from work” means while leaving a Givenchy store with tons of bags, and “a little snack” means a full, uncovered platter of deviled eggs.

In her Instagram, Hadid thanked the Instagram user siduations, who often photoshops celebrities in ridiculous situations. So maybe this #sponcon isn’t actually approved by Postmates?

Either way, Hadid thanked Postmates with some lip stain emojis in the corner of her post. Plus, she modeled a new wearable from Lyft for their April Fool’s Day joke last week.

Bella Hadid: the face of Silicon Valley, we guess?

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