‘Back To The Future’ Fan Popped Doing 88 MPH In DeLorean

A Back To The Future fan who purchased a DeLorean because of the film found out Doc Brown was right: serious s**t does happen when the car reaches 88 mph.

Spencer White of Saugus, California, purchased a DeLorean a month ago after pining for the 1980s-era sports car for 10 years.

The car is best known as the vehicle that takes Michael J. Fox through time, but on Friday night, White was just using it to drive his mom around, according to the Santa Clarita Signal.

White checked the speedometer and realized he was going 85 mph, three miles less than the speed the car in the movie needs to travel back in time.

I thought, lets take it up to 88 mph, White told the paper. I only got three more miles to go.

White put the pedal to the medal to see what would happen.

Spoiler alert: White didnt travel back in time. Instead, hell be making a future trip to traffic court.

I was at 88 for about two seconds, and, immediately I saw a police officer behind me, he told KTLA.

White said he and his mom couldnt stop laughing after a California Highway Patrolman told them the speed of the DeLorean.

They even took a photo of the speed on the officers radar gun.


The officer also thought the coincidence was funny.

Hes even got this big grin on his face like hes won the lottery, White told KTLA.

White wasnt so lucky. The officer handed him a $400 traffic ticket before asking White if the car was carrying a flux capacitor,according to the Signal.

Maybe if I had the flux capacitor he would have let me off, White joked.

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